Doodle Your Future was invited to share good news stories and doodling with 900 learners at the Hawk Academy school in Germiston, Gauteng. The children enjoyed a memorable day while celebrating Nelson Mandela’s 100th anniversary.


Hosted by the Abcon Group Foundation (AGF) who adopted the school in 2013 and run by the Pride Factor life skills academy who invited us to join in and celebrate the special day. The day was jam packed with a wide range of inspirational activities such as song, dance, doodling, Edu theatre, motivational messages and celebrity appearances while the library was painted by volunteers.

Caption: Little Doodlers celebrating Mandela’s 100th birthday hosted by the Abcon Group Foundation  and Pride Factor at Hawk Academy in Germiston Photo: SVART Photography



Doodle Your Future had the opportunity to share the story of Miss Positive Pants and The School of Positivity with the learners. An educational theatre production that teaches children the values of choosing to find the good in every situation no matter how hard it may be. This vibrant and interactive theatre production was followed by Doodle Your Future spending time with the learners helping them produce their own doodled artwork of the late Nelson Mandela.

Miss Positive Pants was written and was performed by Tammany Barton, the founder of Doodle Your Future and professional actress in Johannesburg, and her awesome assistant, George, performed by Renaldo Abdul, a professional actor and doodle volunteer.

Caption: Renaldo Abdul and Tammany Barton in the performance of Miss Positive Pants and The School Of Positivity. Produced by Doodle Your Future.  Photo: SVART Photography

It was an incredibly inspiring day and fun was had by all involved! Thank you Abcon Group Foundation and Pride Factor for the magical opportunity to share good news wherever we go!

Doodle Your Future is a non-profit and public benefit organisations whose purpose is to change the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children one good news story at a time. We write, Doodle and share South African companies’ good news stories uniquely… with the help of our precious Little Doodlers.

Our children are our future. As they play, explore and learn, they grow into strong, resilient adults and take their place in society. Doodle Your Future provides South African orphaned and disadvantaged children with a unique growth opportunity. Partnering with companies such as yours, Doodle Your Future produces a book on the company’s “good news” story, beautifully illustrated by the children – our Little Doodlers.

Caption: New Little Doodlers showing off their Nelson Mandela Doodles. Photo: SVART Photography


For more details on how you and your company can become a Doodle Hero please contact Tammany Barton.




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