Let us write your company’s good news storybook!

In this unique – and fun! – intervention, we are supported by our “Doodle Heroes”, like-minded companies which spend one unforgettable workday “on the job” with a group of children, resulting in a unique book about the company!

Before starting on each corporate story within the Creative Programme, the children are deeply enriched by their on-site workday visit to obtain first-hand knowledge of the company’s magic mix of industry, products and services. Exposed to a variety of industries in this way, they expand their global outlook and are given an opportunity to delve into the good news and possibilities of their future through your company’s inspiring story.

Your good news storybook

Create a future for our Little Doodlers through youth-focused corporate social investment activities. Doodle Your Future’s good news storybooks are beautifully illustrated by the children of Oasis Haven of Love Foundation, our Little Doodlers. Your company’s good news storybook will help increase awareness around the orphan crisis in South Africa, and contribute to the educational, emotional and personal development of the children who lovingly illustrate your book.

How your company will benefit

  • As a Doodle Hero, your company will support a corporate social investment initiative that directly addresses problems faced by many young South Africans today.
  • Your company will enjoy increased brand loyalty and employee morale through cause-related marketing. We can align our interests, resources and marketing to communicate our shared values to make a real difference.
  • Teaming up with our Little Doodlers and producing your company’s good news story are noteworthy activities which, though a part of your socio-economic development spend, can also be effectively incorporated into your marketing plan.
  • Through the book about your company, you will have a unique way of sharing your good news stories and values with your stakeholders, employees and customers. Storytelling is a powerful medium for bringing a company’s good news endeavours to life!
  • Donations to Doodle Your Future are tax deductible.

Doodle Your Future invites you to become a Doodle Hero by getting involved in one of our programme options. Contact us to discover how you can become a Doodle Hero, and tailor these opportunities to change the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children, one good news story at a time.

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